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P21 Shines in the Sunset State during Connect 2016

We had a great time in Phoenix this week and quickly understood why one of Arizona's nicknames is, "The Sunset State". We witnessed several beautiful sunsets while we attended the P21 Worldwide User Group conference at the Arizona Grand Resort. The folks that run the user group did a great job and worked tirelessly to put on the most well-attended event since Connect began. We enjoyed spending time with current customers, fellow sponsors, P21 users and industry consultants and meeting many new people!

We also had time to enjoy a round of golf at the resort. It is a beautiful course with great views of the mountains and skyline off the 18th tee box.

We added information about our new Data Explorer to our booth this year and gave away t-shirts with the famous Arizona Kokopelli image on it. Here's Andy and Eyual pausing for a photo during booth setup day.

Speaking of t-shirts, we ran out of certain sizes and told folks if they send an email with their mailing address and t-shirt size to, we would gladly send them a free t-shirt.

If you weren't able to attend Connect this year and would like a free t-shirt, please email us as well and we'll be happy to send you one too!
Connect2016_KokopelliThanks and see you at Connect 2017 in Orlando!




Web Connect Latest Features

June 2016 Release


  • Enhanced the Opportunity Details screen to show the Type, Status Stage and Step description when a user selects an option from the associated dropdown lists.
  • Created a new “Opportunity Forecast” screen that charts opportunities based on either the Anticipated Close Date or Next Step Date.
  • Created a new “Opportunity Pipeline” screen that places each opportunity into groups based on the Stage Sequence.  Opportunities can easily be moved to new stages from this screen.
  • Enhanced the Opportunity Listing to display the next task due date, who the next task is assigned to and what type of task is next.
  • Added a version of the Opportunity Forecast chart to the CRM Overview screen.
  • Added an optional configuration setting that will treat older opportunities as “Dormant”.


  • Added the ability to drag and drop Opportunities, Sales Calls and Tasks on the calendar.
  • Made it possible to start a new Opportunity, Task or Sales Call from the calendar.
  • Added a variety of filters to the calendar.

Added Last Hard-Touch Date to:

  • Customer Listing/Lookup
  • Contact Listing/Lookup
  • Customer Details Screen
  • Contact Details Screen

Mobile Views:

  • Added “Create New Task” in Mobile Views
  • Added “Create New Sales Call” in Mobile Views

Sales Analysis View:

  • Added line and column totals
  • Added Ship To as a “View By” option
  • Added Ship To as a “Filter” option
  • Added Product Group Range as a “Filter” option
  • Added Month Range as a “Time Frame” option

Sales Call Log:

  • Made both Scheduled and Completed Date visible on the Call Log grid.
  • Added the ability to filter the Call Log by Product Group

Item Inquiry:

  • Added code to remember the last Stock/Nonstock selection of the user
  • Added code to remember the last Company selection of the user
  • Added a per-user permission for Customers to be able to access the Item Inquiry Screen
  • Added Item ID as a distinct search box.  This makes it possible to either search for an item specifically, use the wildcard search or combine the searches.

Remote Order Form:

  • Added a field for the Quantity Available for each line-item.  This information will update each time the form is loaded so that users can get real-time inventory availability when working with orders over a period of time. This is a per-user setting.

Improved “Time Pickers”:

  • Reworked the date/time selectors for screens such as New Task, Task Details, Sales Call, etc. so that the time selector would be more phone-friendly.

Sales Rep Contact Visibility Options:

  • Added a per-user setting for sales reps that will either restrict the contact search to contacts related to the rep by ship-to or allow the rep to search all contacts in P21.

Customer Item Inquiry:

  • Added the ability to enable then Inventory Search/Item Inquiry system for customer logins.

Remote Order Item Search:

  • Added Extended Description to the results and search when looking for an item in the various remote order screens.

Invoice History:

  • Added Down Payment Applied as a column to the Invoice History screen.


  • Added Australian date format compatibility
  • Added deployment update options for self-update and auto-update

Latest Remote Ordering/VMI Walk-through now on our YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel to view our most recent Remote Ordering/VMI demo.

Web Connect provides a number of mobile remote ordering capabilities designed to meet a wide variety of business requirements. Our order entry tools include features for both your employees and also your customers in a consistent format that will keep your sales staff and customers in sync.

Web Connect remote ordering tools do more than just provide access to order entry for users without access to P21. It actually provides ordering capabilities not available in P21. Features such as the Quick-Order/VMI solution, simple order imports and “bulk order entry” makes creating orders fast and easy through Web Connect. These tools are designed to streamline order entry, enhance workflow and security and also provide your business a competitive advantage in the market place.

The Web Connect Order Entry process can be divided into two main branches:
• Standard Remote Order Entry
• VMI/CMI Order Processing

Standard Remote Order Entry
Web Connect includes an order entry screen (Remote Order Form) designed to emulate a simplified version of the order entry screen inside of P21. Because the Web Connect screen is similar to the P21 order entry screen users can easily transition from P21 to Web Connect and vice versa.

The Web Connect Remote Order Form provides users with the greatest flexibility when creating a sales order. Users can search for specific inventory items, define variables such as delivery method, packing basis, carrier and more. There are also several tools available – such as the ability to bulk-add items from a customer’s sales history, P21 contracts or existing VMI templates that can greatly reduce the time it takes to build an order.

VMI/CMI Order Processing
In today’s competitive environment, distribution companies are constantly working to improve the services that they provide to their customers. Over the past decade one strategy that has emerged is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). VMI takes the process and overhead of keeping track of necessary customer inventory out of the hands of the end customer and instead places this responsibility in the hands of the distributor.

Web Connect “Quick-Orders” provide sophisticated order processing tools designed specifically for P21 distributors that provide VMI services to their customers.

Quick-Orders were developed over several years from the real-world requirements of P21 distribution companies. These companies needed the ability to easily create sales orders based on inventory placement at customer locations.

Quick-Orders are placed from “Quick-Order Forms” which are in essence a reusable listing of inventory items that can be set up into groups, have definable min/max or OP/OQ definitions and bin location definitions. The end user needs only to provide a quantity for the items to place an order. Quick-Order Forms can be thought of as a virtual map of the inventory for a given customer.

Web Connect Quick-Orders also enable the concept of “order routing” and “order workflow”. By defining the permissions of each user in Web Connect it is possible to enable specific users the ability to start an order and other users to finalize or “approve” an order before it is sent to P21. For instance, your customer may want to see what is on an order, make adjustments to order quantities or add a PO number before the order is submitted. Web Connect Quick-Orders provide these capabilities out of the box.

The Web Connect Remote Order Form: The Remote Order Form provides the greatest flexibility when creating sales orders. The form can be made available to all user roles with various levels of user permissions.ROMay20161

Bulk Add Items to a Remote Order: Users can quickly add items to an order in a number of ways when using the Remote Order Form.

Editing a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: Quick-Order forms make it possible to save a re-usable listing of items and order options for a ship to.

Editing a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: Items on a Quick-Order form can be placed into “Groups”, can have Bin assignments and a defined Min/Max or OP/OQ. Each user can be granted access to see pricing and quantity available and be set up with various other permissions for using the form.

Editing a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: Each Quick-Order form can be set to automatically notify people when an order is placed with the form.

Editing a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: A Quick-Order form can define custom delivery instructions, carrier, packing basis, freight code and order class information.

Using a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: To place an order with a Quick-Order form the user only needs to specify an order quantity.

Using a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: Items that have been added to an order are highlighted.

Using a Web Connect Quick-Order Form: The resulting order can be seen in the “Items Ordered” tab.

Remote Order Management: Remote Sales Orders and all of the Web Connect order sources can be managed in the “Manage Remote Orders” screen. The user can see the Web Connect statuses of orders as well as the P21 statuses.

Coming Soon to Web Connect: New Dynamic Data Grids

We are excited to announce that dynamic data grids will be a part of Web Connect during our summer release!

In addition to being able to define and customize your own data source for the grids, the grids will have many spreadsheet-like operations including:

  • built-in filter controls and filter templates
  • multi-column headers with the columns grouped within parent groups which help easily distinguish the information presented
  • ability to save/load user-specific preferences for paging, sorting, filtering, grouping and other settings
  • grid-integrated Insert, Update and Delete operations
  • hierarchy and nested views
  • scrolling with static headers and frozen columns
  • selection of cells and rows
  • export to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, and CSV
  • column Resize, Reorder and Show/Hide
  • row resize and Drag and Drop
  • adaptive Mobile Rendering

See below for UI previews:




Zip Radius Mapping and other Web Connect Features

Over the past several months we have released a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • Ship-To Listing
  • Contract Order Forms
  • Extended Order Details
  • Quick Quotes
  • Enhanced Customer Details
  • New visual indicators such as backorders, specials and directs for Order Listings
  • New User Permissions relating to cost methods and inventory
  • New Remote Order Form Bulk-Add options
  • New Remote Order item conversions to automatically roll up quantities based on UOMs such as case and square feet
  • Added Mandatory Notes options to Order Details and Remote Order Form
  • Added the ability to import Quick-Order Items to a Quick-Order form from a file
  • Added ability to mass-assign (move) items to different locations (shelves, bins, floor areas, etc.) on Quick-Order Forms
  • Extended per-user permissions and features for customer and prospect classes
  • Added cost/profit source options on Remote Order Form
  • Added more control for customer and transaction data for sales reps.

We have also released a new Ship-To postal code mapping feature that include many filter options for Ship-To search results including Ship-To Class and Customer Class filters. Ship-To search results can also be displayed on a map with one click/touch of a button.  You also have options to show map points for Customers, Prospects or both. From there you can see map point details and use links for Ship-To details and navigational maps. We are actively working to extended this mapping feature to display other more analytical data such as Cost-to-Serve views.


P21 World Wide User Group Webinar…continued…

Wow! Our webinar broke a registration record according to P21 WW UG folks. Based on the volume of guestions we ran out of time so the user group has scheduled us again on November 19th at 2:00 Eastern so if you missed the first one and/or have questions, please join us. For information or to register visit

Topic: “Real-time P21 Data on Phones and Tablets.  FREE Web Connect Community Edition.”

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to be able to access their real-time P21 dataon phones and tablets but what is the best strategy?  There is no shortage of approaches including P21 tools, third party products and internally developed solutions.

It can take time and thoughtful analysis to determine what’s best for your organization.  Rather than delay taking advantage of accessing your P21 data on mobile devices while you ponder the various options, consider a FREE option that is easy to implement and immediately makes some of the most common P21 data available to your mobile users.

Fueled by user ideas, the Web Connect Community version for P21 is a free mobile-optimized application designed specifically for the P21 ERP system.Join us in this webinar to learn about the latest features and how to install the free Community version of Web Connect.

How to Set Up the FREE Community Version of Web Connect for P21

If you are interested in using the FREE Community version of Web Connect for Epicor Prophet 21/P21, below are the steps to follow.

If you have any questions, need assistance or would like to suggest changes or new features, send us an email:

To play back the Community webinar visit our YouTube channel at:

Step 1:
Register for the Community version at:
You will then receive an email containing the installation package and a FREE license key.

Step 2:
Make the installation package available to the IT person responsible for your IT infrastructure/servers. They will need access to a Windows server running Microsoft IIS.

Step 3:
Your IT person will then:
a) Extract the Community files to a folder on your server running Microsoft IIS.
This location is typically C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\WCCommunity but can be any drive/folder you desire.

b) Download and install the.Net framework version 4.5 from Microsoft.

c) Set Community up to run in Microsoft IIS. -- Here is a youtube video on that process: IIS Configuration Process -

If you receive the following error, perform the steps below.

Try the following to resolve the above error:
Open IIS Manager
Click the server name in the tree on the left
Right hand pane, Management section, double click Configuration Editor
At the top, choose the sectionsystem.webServer/security/authentication/anonymousAuthentication
Right hand pane, click Unlock Section
At the top, choose the sectionsystem.webServer/security/authentication/windowsAuthentication
Right hand pane, click Unlock Section

If you receive the following error, perform the steps below.
"Unable to save file - Access to the path C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<Your Path>\WebConnectCommunity.xml is denied."

1. Navigate to "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<Your Path>\" on your IIS server
2. Right Click on WebConnectCommunity.xml, and click properties.
3. Make sure that the IIS User account has write access to the XML file.

Step 4:
Once Step 3 is complete, ask your IT person for the url/web address they set up for Community. It might be an IP address such as http://192.168..200.20 or it might be a domain name such
as Open the url/web address in a browser and then go to Step 5 to complete the setup.

Step 5:

Click/touch the Log in link and enter the login credentials contained in the email you received.


Step 6:

Next, your IT person will (on the Admin/Setup page for Community below) enter your P21 database connection information. Click Test Connection and if successful, you will be able to select a Company ID, and enter your License Key:


After you hit Save Setup you will get the following message!

After you have successfully configured your database connection, click your Settings menu, and select User Management.

This will bring you to the following screen where you can add users or change any user information:

 Important Note: Please make sure to change the default Admin password you received!

Hit the edit user/Add New user it will bring you to the following screen:

Username: Enter the username that you would like to give this user.
Password: Enter a password minimum 6 character length password.
Role: Select the role that you would like for this user -

  • Admin: This user has the ability to manage users and change database settings in addition to all other Community functionality.
  • Sales Rep: This user has only the view/browse functionality.

Sales Rep ID: This is where you can associate one or more Sales Rep IDs associated with this user account. This will filter the entire P21 system for this user for the associated Sales Rep IDs. You can select multiple sales rep ids, by holding down the "ctrl" key as you select the Sales Rep IDs.

Enable Price Lookup: If you do not want this user to be able to lookup pricing on item details screen select "No" on this option.

Connect 2015: Big Show in the Big Easy!

The P21 Worldwide User Group Connect Conference in New Orleans this year was an awesome event. With the largest attendance yet, the folks who ran the event sure made it look easy.
There is a lot that goes into planning, preparing and executing an event like this so hats off to the user group leadership, the session speakers and the hotel staff for making this a great event.
We had a lot of fun meeting new attendees and reconnecting with returning attendees. Thanks to everyone that spent time with us at our booth! We had a bunch of of people register for the
FREE P21 Community version of Web Connect. If you would like to access your live P21 data from your favorite mobile device for free, be sure to register! Hope to see everyone in Phoenix at
Connect 2016 in late September!


Prophet 21 in KC: The First Meeting of the P21 Kansas City User Group

We were proud to present at the first meeting of the Kansas City P21 User Group. The meeting exceeded attendance expectations and several folks volunteered to run the group.
The next meeting is being planned for later this fall. Details coming soon!

Here is the official announcement from Eric Lunsford, board member of the P21 Worldwide User Group:

The P21 World Wide User Group is excited to sponsor our first FREE Regional Training Day in the Kansas City area.

On Wednesday August 6th we will be holding a full day of training including lunch for you and anyone in your company who wishes to attend.

Michael Dean will start us off with a presentation on Dynachange, specifically - Using Dynachange Screen designer to change the appearance of the screen; Using Dynachange Menus designer to control access to specific windows; Using Dynachange Navigator to open specific windows when clicking on a field; Adding fields with Field Chooser inside of Dynachange Screen Designer; AND Creating new tabs using Dynachange Portals.

We will then take a break for lunch sponsored by the P21WWUG.

After lunch Doug Bliss & Andy Garrett will do a presentation titled “How to Effectively use P21 Opportunities in your Organization.”
You will learn about this often underutilized component of the P21 system. We will explore the many benefits of using the P21 Opportunity system and will demonstrate setting up the initial tracking criteria to meet your organizations business needs. Learn how to create Opportunities, assign P21 Tasks for the Opportunity to employees, link Opportunities to P21 Quotes and more. We will also discuss getting the all-important “buy-in” from your sales staff.

After the last presentation we will have a quick discussion about the possibility of starting a Local User Group and the upcoming Connect Conference and then the day will be done though you will certainly be welcome to stick around and network with other users.

The event will be taking place at Lee Mathews Equipment(A Cogent Company) 500 W 5th St., Kansas City, MO 64105.

New Ways to Order in Web Connect: Barcode Scan and Text File Import and Order Pad

Adding and Managing P21 Orders just got even easier with Web Connect. Whether you or your customer does barcode scanning, exports orders to a text file from another system or manually creates a spreadsheet of orders, all formats can now be imported via the new Web Connect Import feature and automatically become P21 orders.

If you know your Item IDs or are using a barcode scanner, the Order Pad is a fast way to create an order.
Web Connect Resource

You can create a barcode scan file and then upload it to Web Connect. Upload any text file or spreadsheet from another system or a text file or spreadsheet that has been manually created. Use any method you like and the resulting text file is validated and then instantly becomes a P21 order.
Web Connect Resource