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Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

Web Connect provides a way to view Opportunities, Tasks and Sales Calls in a convenient calendar view. You can filter the view and even drag and drop events to other dates on the calendar making it simple to manage business-related events as schedules change.  You can also view that same calendar within Outlook or any other email/calendar/collaboration application that can consume iCal/ICS calendar feeds.

Having the ability to overlay your personal and business calendar events in one convenient view gives you a clear and concise display of any potential scheduling conflicts and allows you to plan upcoming events. To enable this feature, current Web Connect subscribers can go to the Calendar Settings inside Web Connect, consult the on-line Web Connect Help documentation or contact us for assistance.

Latest Web Connect Release : May 2017

Features and Enhancements for the May Release of Web Connect

Sales Process: Leads Tracking and Management
The new Leads Tracking and Management feature provides a way for sales staff to create a "potential" Prospect without possibly prematurely creating a P21 Prospect. Users can quickly add a Lead with attributes including Sales Rep, Assigned To, Next Call Date, Lead Source, Lead Type, Lead Status, Address, Contacts and Notes.  It is also possible to assign P21 Customer Classes to a Lead.  Once the Lead is qualified and deemed an actual Prospect, it can be converted into a P21 Prospect with one touch or click. Read more...

Customer “Impersonation” Accounts
Customer Impersonation makes it possible for a Sales Rep to launch Web Connect as if they were logged in as a certain Customer.  All of the information in Web Connect will be filtered for the customer – exactly like the Web Connect Customer Portal feature.  No need to worry about seeing another customer’s information.  A Sales Rep can even place an order for the customer while logged in as them.

CRM and BI

  • Web Connect Alerts
    • Administrators can now set Web Connect Alerts for user accounts without having to first impersonate the account
    • Added a user setting to enable/disable the ability to change alert settings
    • Opened up specific Alerts to the Inside Sales role
    • Added various menu options to the Manage Alerts main menu to make it easier for the user to see their options
  • Inventory and Item Details
    • Added Stockable and Sellable indicators to Item Details for the inventory by location listing
    • Added ability to auto-select a contract for a customer in Item Details if the customer is set to “Always Use Job Contract Pricing” in P21.
    • Added a per-user setting to show/hide the Quantity Details and PO info on Item details making it possible to turn these items on for Customer logins
    • Added the ability to Bookmark item detail information
    • Added a per user setting to show/hide quantity available. Most applicable to Customer logins but can be used for all roles.
  • Opportunities and Sales Calls:
    • Added ability to save a Quick-Call without selecting a contact based on the user’s settings
    • Added the Assigned To filter in the Sales Call log
    • Added Audit Trail to Opportunity Details
    • Added ability to bring in Product Group data from a Remote Order or P21 Order when creating an Opportunity
    • Added a button in Opportunity Details to create a new Sales Call
  • Orders
    • Added enhanced support for Service Orders to Order Details
    • Added a Route Filter to the Order Listing
    • Added an Order Summary popup on the Order Listing that breaks the order down by Product Group
    • Added a popup in the Contact Name on Order Details to show Contact details

Remote Ordering: VMI, Bar Code Order Entry, Quick Order Forms and Order File Import

  • Added an Item Search to the Quick-Order form. This can be used to filter items manually and can also be used to facilitate bar code scanning if the bar code contains the Item Id
  • Added ability to auto-select a contract for a customer in the Remote Order Form is the customer if set to “Always Use Job Contract Pricing” in P21.
  • Added the Customer PO field to the Manage Remote Orders page
  • Added a system setting to let the Order Date and Requested Date use the import date/time
  • Added the ability to turn the Remote Order Form on/off for each user role
  • Changed the Manage Contract Order Forms page to bring back a listing of contracts without first selecting a ship-to
  • Added the ability to select a Sales Location on the Remote Order Form and added a user setting to allow this function
  • Added a user setting for “Default Sales Location” for use with the Remote Order Form
  • Added a system setting to use the email address from the Sales Location for the “Back-Office Email Address”
  • Added Remote Order Line notes to the Remote Order Form
  • Added a filter to the Remote Order listing for Sales Managers
  • Added Extended Description to various Remote Order pages
  • Added ability to “auto-select” a contract for a customer in Item Details and the Remote Order Form if the customer is set to “Always Use Job Contract Pricing” in P21

User Interface (UI)

  • Added a Filters option on most of the listing related pages including Order History and Customer Listing that opens a filters popup to optimize screen utilization
  • Made entire rows clickable on all listings
  • Added multi-select filter integration on many listings
  • Optimized the view of Order Details on mobile devices and made the various popup/more info buttons visible on smart phones
  • Changed the format of the Mobile Views Home page
  • Made several changes to the Themes
  • Optimized the responsive layout of a number of pages
  • Changed the Account User selector to display the name as First Name | Last Name to match the sorting
  • Made the 24 Month Invoice Chart clickable to view the details from the default Home page

Other Enhancements

  • Added the ability to validate password length against a central configuration setting when changing passwords.
  • Changed the Test SMTP page to allow users to specify settings for testing purposes
  • Added Audit Trail to Customer Details
  • Added a new user setting for users in the Sales Rep role to “Enable Sales Rep Selection”. This makes it possible for reps to view items not specifically assigned to them in P21
  • Added new Administrative menu options for Test SMTP Settings, Call Log Setup and Manage Announcements. Split User management into its own section.
  • Changed the handling of special characters in the Item Details Popup used in several areas in Web Connect
  • Changed the behavior of Inventory Class 1 in the Item Class Filters settings in the Edit User page

Sales Leads Tracking and Management

Prospects and Customers in P21

Prophet 21 includes two main categories of customer accounts - "Customers" and "Prospects". For the most part P21 Customers and Prospects are really the same thing with a different status flag in the database. Prospects do have some limitations in P21 - for instance a Prospect must be converted into a Customer before an Order can be created. However it is possible to create Quotes, Opportunities and Tasks for a P21 Prospect. Because of this most P21 shops use Prospects as the primary way to store information about "potential" Customers.

While in most cases using Prospect accounts for potential Customer accounts works well, there are some drawbacks to this approach. For instance many P21 shops end up importing thousands of of leads (potential prospects) as P21 Prospects from file listings from sources such as Dun and Bradstreet or other third-party lead list providers. This can bloat the P21 database and make it more difficult to manage "real" Prospects.  There is also no straight forward way to use Prospects in P21 as a pipeline for new customers. Other common sources of bloat and clutter in P21 can occur when P21 shops engage telemarketing services to generate leads and the leads aren't properly qualified as real Prospects or when a sales rep picks up business cards from a trade show and adds them to P21 as prospects before properly qualifying them as potential future customers.

Web Connect provides a way for a user to quickly record information about an organization or individual without having to create a P21 Prospect.

Introducing Web Connect Sales Leads Tracking and Management

Probably the best way to think of a Lead is as an "unqualified prospect" or "suspect" as some like to say. Imagine the following scenario:

A sales rep notices a new business opening. At this point the rep might only know the name of the business, the city and might have an idea of what type of business it is. The rep now records the lead in Web Connect with only this information and then sets the "Next Call Date" as a reminder to call on the business in the coming days. After later calling on the Lead, the sales rep enters additional information including the full address, phone number, website address and some notes. They can also add contacts to the Lead for the owner and also the business manager.

At this point if the sales rep has permission to create P21 Prospects in Web Connect, the rep could, with one-touch/click, convert the Lead to a P21 Prospect if there is potential for business. If the rep does not have permission to create P21 Prospects the rep could contact a Sales Manager or Admin to convert the Lead.

Another use for Web Connect Leads involves importing large listings of business leads from a source such as Dun and Bradstreet. Once the Leads are imported then they can be assigned to sales reps and also inside sales reps. This can work great if your organization would like to assign inside reps to make cold calls and qualify leads as prospects.

If the P21 shop uses telemarketing as a part of their overall lead generation strategy, they can even make the telemarketing firm a user in Web Connect and add the leads directly and even assign them (as directed by the P21 shop) for follow up by certain sales reps.

A Lead can have the following attributes

  • Lead Name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Central Phone
  • Website Address
  • P21 Company
  • Sales Rep
  • Assigned To
  • Next Call Date and Time
  • Deleted/Closed
  • Lead Source
  • Lead Type
  • Lead Status
  • P21 Customer Class 1 through 5
  • 1 or more Contacts
  • 1 or more Notes

Opportunity Forecast

In Web Connect, you can now see your opportunities (created in either Web Connect or P21--both stored in P21) in a Forecast view. A Sales Forecast is the estimation of the value of the Sales Pipeline: the expected revenue from all the deals (Opportunities) in the pipeline over a period of time. The forecast time frame is usually a month or a quarter. Several metrics can be used for sales forecasts but the most common calculations are total pipeline value and weighted pipeline value. Total pipeline value: the sum of all opportunities for a given time period (e.g. quarter). Weighted pipeline value: multiply the value of each Opportunity by its Success Probability % and add them up for a given time period (e.g. quarter).


Opportunity Pipeline

A sales pipeline describes an approach to selling, typically based on an underlying sales process. It describes the individual steps salespeople take from initial contact with a potential customer, or prospect, to qualifying that prospect into a lead, and further validating that lead into a sales opportunity followed through the different stages until closed. All sales opportunities arranged along each of the sales steps that make up your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents. The Web Connect Opportunity Pipeline management tool lets you view and filter your pipeline and also touch/click and drag opportunity "cards" from one Stage to another and instantly see the impact on the overall value of the pipeline.


Web Connect Latest Features

June 2016 Release


  • Enhanced the Opportunity Details screen to show the Type, Status Stage and Step description when a user selects an option from the associated dropdown lists.
  • Created a new “Opportunity Forecast” screen that charts opportunities based on either the Anticipated Close Date or Next Step Date.
  • Created a new “Opportunity Pipeline” screen that places each opportunity into groups based on the Stage Sequence.  Opportunities can easily be moved to new stages from this screen.
  • Enhanced the Opportunity Listing to display the next task due date, who the next task is assigned to and what type of task is next.
  • Added a version of the Opportunity Forecast chart to the CRM Overview screen.
  • Added an optional configuration setting that will treat older opportunities as “Dormant”.


  • Added the ability to drag and drop Opportunities, Sales Calls and Tasks on the calendar.
  • Made it possible to start a new Opportunity, Task or Sales Call from the calendar.
  • Added a variety of filters to the calendar.

Added Last Hard-Touch Date to:

  • Customer Listing/Lookup
  • Contact Listing/Lookup
  • Customer Details Screen
  • Contact Details Screen

Mobile Views:

  • Added “Create New Task” in Mobile Views
  • Added “Create New Sales Call” in Mobile Views

Sales Analysis View:

  • Added line and column totals
  • Added Ship To as a “View By” option
  • Added Ship To as a “Filter” option
  • Added Product Group Range as a “Filter” option
  • Added Month Range as a “Time Frame” option

Sales Call Log:

  • Made both Scheduled and Completed Date visible on the Call Log grid.
  • Added the ability to filter the Call Log by Product Group

Item Inquiry:

  • Added code to remember the last Stock/Nonstock selection of the user
  • Added code to remember the last Company selection of the user
  • Added a per-user permission for Customers to be able to access the Item Inquiry Screen
  • Added Item ID as a distinct search box.  This makes it possible to either search for an item specifically, use the wildcard search or combine the searches.

Remote Order Form:

  • Added a field for the Quantity Available for each line-item.  This information will update each time the form is loaded so that users can get real-time inventory availability when working with orders over a period of time. This is a per-user setting.

Improved “Time Pickers”:

  • Reworked the date/time selectors for screens such as New Task, Task Details, Sales Call, etc. so that the time selector would be more phone-friendly.

Sales Rep Contact Visibility Options:

  • Added a per-user setting for sales reps that will either restrict the contact search to contacts related to the rep by ship-to or allow the rep to search all contacts in P21.

Customer Item Inquiry:

  • Added the ability to enable then Inventory Search/Item Inquiry system for customer logins.

Remote Order Item Search:

  • Added Extended Description to the results and search when looking for an item in the various remote order screens.

Invoice History:

  • Added Down Payment Applied as a column to the Invoice History screen.


  • Added Australian date format compatibility
  • Added deployment update options for self-update and auto-update

Zip Radius Mapping and other Web Connect Features

Over the past several months we have released a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • Ship-To Listing
  • Contract Order Forms
  • Extended Order Details
  • Quick Quotes
  • Enhanced Customer Details
  • New visual indicators such as backorders, specials and directs for Order Listings
  • New User Permissions relating to cost methods and inventory
  • New Remote Order Form Bulk-Add options
  • New Remote Order item conversions to automatically roll up quantities based on UOMs such as case and square feet
  • Added Mandatory Notes options to Order Details and Remote Order Form
  • Added the ability to import Quick-Order Items to a Quick-Order form from a file
  • Added ability to mass-assign (move) items to different locations (shelves, bins, floor areas, etc.) on Quick-Order Forms
  • Extended per-user permissions and features for customer and prospect classes
  • Added cost/profit source options on Remote Order Form
  • Added more control for customer and transaction data for sales reps.

We have also released a new Ship-To postal code mapping feature that include many filter options for Ship-To search results including Ship-To Class and Customer Class filters. Ship-To search results can also be displayed on a map with one click/touch of a button.  You also have options to show map points for Customers, Prospects or both. From there you can see map point details and use links for Ship-To details and navigational maps. We are actively working to extended this mapping feature to display other more analytical data such as Cost-to-Serve views.


Introducing the Web Connect Sales Call Log

In many conversations with our clients and when showing the Web Connect system to new organizations we have been asked about accurately tracking sales calls. This has been a challenge for many P21 shops. The way most companies do this is by creating a P21 Task type of "Sales Call" or something similar and then writing custom reports against the activity_trans table.

While this works it has some limitations. For instance, what if you want to break out your sales calls into categories - like "Phone Call" and "Customer Visit"? While it is still possible to write the custom report it is now more complicated. It is also necessary to edit the code for the report if new categories get added.

Web Connect solves these issues with the new "Call Log" feature.

The Call Log works by allowing you to define individual P21 Task types as sales call activities. You can map as many or few as you need as shown in the screen-shot below:



Once the P21 Task types have been mapped as sales calls, a few interesting things happen "under the hood" in Web Connect.

1) Opening a Task that is mapped to a Sales Call type will open in a new "Call Center" screen

2) Tasks assigned as Sales Calls will be listed in the new "Call Log" - a searchable listing of completed and open (scheduled) sales calls.

3) Sales Call type tasks will be tracked in the sales rep "Activity Summary"


The Web Connect "Call Center" Screen:

Sales Reps can record sales calls in several places in the Web Connect system.  They can use the "Quick-Task" button on the header of every screen, they can use the standard "New Task" screen, or they can use the new "Call Center" screen.


The Call Center screen allows you to enter a new Task into P21, but provides many additional tools more relevant to a Sales Call. The screen includes tabs for:

1) Customer Notes where reps can view, add and edit P21 notes for the customer.

2) Sales Call history that shows a listing of all previous sales calls

3) Open P21 Tasks

4) Customer Contacts with phone numbers and email addresses - if you grant your users permission they can add and edit contacts here.

5) A listing of all of the customer ship-tos with address an phone information.

In addition to the main tabs on the screen, there is also an important new tab that allows the user to associate P21 Product Groups and values with the sales call. In this way, a sales call can be associated with an actual value - much like a P21 Opportunity!

Another great part of the Call Center screen is the ability to instantly copy the sales call information to a new P21 Opportunity!  This way your sales process can follow a logical sales funnel approach - sales calls can result in sales opportunities and be visibly linked in the Web Connect system!

Exploring the Call Log:

The Call Log itself is a listing of either scheduled or completed P21 tasks that have been mapped as Sales Calls in Web Connect.



There are several filters (some depending on your Web Connect role).  Filters include Customer, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, P21 User. Call Type (Task Type), Call Status (Assigned or Completed), Time Frame (for instance "This Month") and date range.

The listing itself shows a great deal of information about the sales calls including the Scheduled or Completed Date, who the Sales Call is assigned to, the Sales Call Type, the customer and contact information associated with the sales call, any linked P21 Opportunities with opportunity size and success probability and the associated value of the Sales Call itself...

Using the Call Log screen can help any organization get a handle on Sales Call activity and track sales call success rates.

This feature is available in the latest version of Web Connect.  If you are an existing client or are new to Web Connect and would like a personal walk through of this or any other Web Connect feature please call us at (816) 841-4183.

Prophet 21 in KC: The First Meeting of the P21 Kansas City User Group

We were proud to present at the first meeting of the Kansas City P21 User Group. The meeting exceeded attendance expectations and several folks volunteered to run the group.
The next meeting is being planned for later this fall. Details coming soon!

Here is the official announcement from Eric Lunsford, board member of the P21 Worldwide User Group:

The P21 World Wide User Group is excited to sponsor our first FREE Regional Training Day in the Kansas City area.

On Wednesday August 6th we will be holding a full day of training including lunch for you and anyone in your company who wishes to attend.

Michael Dean will start us off with a presentation on Dynachange, specifically - Using Dynachange Screen designer to change the appearance of the screen; Using Dynachange Menus designer to control access to specific windows; Using Dynachange Navigator to open specific windows when clicking on a field; Adding fields with Field Chooser inside of Dynachange Screen Designer; AND Creating new tabs using Dynachange Portals.

We will then take a break for lunch sponsored by the P21WWUG.

After lunch Doug Bliss & Andy Garrett will do a presentation titled “How to Effectively use P21 Opportunities in your Organization.”
You will learn about this often underutilized component of the P21 system. We will explore the many benefits of using the P21 Opportunity system and will demonstrate setting up the initial tracking criteria to meet your organizations business needs. Learn how to create Opportunities, assign P21 Tasks for the Opportunity to employees, link Opportunities to P21 Quotes and more. We will also discuss getting the all-important “buy-in” from your sales staff.

After the last presentation we will have a quick discussion about the possibility of starting a Local User Group and the upcoming Connect Conference and then the day will be done though you will certainly be welcome to stick around and network with other users.

The event will be taking place at Lee Mathews Equipment(A Cogent Company) 500 W 5th St., Kansas City, MO 64105.

P21 User Group Webinar Recording: Remote Sales Ordering and Sales Rep Mobility

We presented an April webinar to the P21 Worldwide User Group. If you don't already belong to the user group, you should consider joining. It's a great P21 resource with lots of smart folks that can collaborate with you on your P21 questions and issues.

Note: if your browser does not support the embedded video, you can download the video here:

You may need to download the GTM Codec