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Latest Web Connect Release : May 2017

Features and Enhancements for the May Release of Web Connect

Sales Process: Leads Tracking and Management
The new Leads Tracking and Management feature provides a way for sales staff to create a "potential" Prospect without possibly prematurely creating a P21 Prospect. Users can quickly add a Lead with attributes including Sales Rep, Assigned To, Next Call Date, Lead Source, Lead Type, Lead Status, Address, Contacts and Notes.  It is also possible to assign P21 Customer Classes to a Lead.  Once the Lead is qualified and deemed an actual Prospect, it can be converted into a P21 Prospect with one touch or click. Read more...

Customer “Impersonation” Accounts
Customer Impersonation makes it possible for a Sales Rep to launch Web Connect as if they were logged in as a certain Customer.  All of the information in Web Connect will be filtered for the customer – exactly like the Web Connect Customer Portal feature.  No need to worry about seeing another customer’s information.  A Sales Rep can even place an order for the customer while logged in as them.

CRM and BI

  • Web Connect Alerts
    • Administrators can now set Web Connect Alerts for user accounts without having to first impersonate the account
    • Added a user setting to enable/disable the ability to change alert settings
    • Opened up specific Alerts to the Inside Sales role
    • Added various menu options to the Manage Alerts main menu to make it easier for the user to see their options
  • Inventory and Item Details
    • Added Stockable and Sellable indicators to Item Details for the inventory by location listing
    • Added ability to auto-select a contract for a customer in Item Details if the customer is set to “Always Use Job Contract Pricing” in P21.
    • Added a per-user setting to show/hide the Quantity Details and PO info on Item details making it possible to turn these items on for Customer logins
    • Added the ability to Bookmark item detail information
    • Added a per user setting to show/hide quantity available. Most applicable to Customer logins but can be used for all roles.
  • Opportunities and Sales Calls:
    • Added ability to save a Quick-Call without selecting a contact based on the user’s settings
    • Added the Assigned To filter in the Sales Call log
    • Added Audit Trail to Opportunity Details
    • Added ability to bring in Product Group data from a Remote Order or P21 Order when creating an Opportunity
    • Added a button in Opportunity Details to create a new Sales Call
  • Orders
    • Added enhanced support for Service Orders to Order Details
    • Added a Route Filter to the Order Listing
    • Added an Order Summary popup on the Order Listing that breaks the order down by Product Group
    • Added a popup in the Contact Name on Order Details to show Contact details

Remote Ordering: VMI, Bar Code Order Entry, Quick Order Forms and Order File Import

  • Added an Item Search to the Quick-Order form. This can be used to filter items manually and can also be used to facilitate bar code scanning if the bar code contains the Item Id
  • Added ability to auto-select a contract for a customer in the Remote Order Form is the customer if set to “Always Use Job Contract Pricing” in P21.
  • Added the Customer PO field to the Manage Remote Orders page
  • Added a system setting to let the Order Date and Requested Date use the import date/time
  • Added the ability to turn the Remote Order Form on/off for each user role
  • Changed the Manage Contract Order Forms page to bring back a listing of contracts without first selecting a ship-to
  • Added the ability to select a Sales Location on the Remote Order Form and added a user setting to allow this function
  • Added a user setting for “Default Sales Location” for use with the Remote Order Form
  • Added a system setting to use the email address from the Sales Location for the “Back-Office Email Address”
  • Added Remote Order Line notes to the Remote Order Form
  • Added a filter to the Remote Order listing for Sales Managers
  • Added Extended Description to various Remote Order pages
  • Added ability to “auto-select” a contract for a customer in Item Details and the Remote Order Form if the customer is set to “Always Use Job Contract Pricing” in P21

User Interface (UI)

  • Added a Filters option on most of the listing related pages including Order History and Customer Listing that opens a filters popup to optimize screen utilization
  • Made entire rows clickable on all listings
  • Added multi-select filter integration on many listings
  • Optimized the view of Order Details on mobile devices and made the various popup/more info buttons visible on smart phones
  • Changed the format of the Mobile Views Home page
  • Made several changes to the Themes
  • Optimized the responsive layout of a number of pages
  • Changed the Account User selector to display the name as First Name | Last Name to match the sorting
  • Made the 24 Month Invoice Chart clickable to view the details from the default Home page

Other Enhancements

  • Added the ability to validate password length against a central configuration setting when changing passwords.
  • Changed the Test SMTP page to allow users to specify settings for testing purposes
  • Added Audit Trail to Customer Details
  • Added a new user setting for users in the Sales Rep role to “Enable Sales Rep Selection”. This makes it possible for reps to view items not specifically assigned to them in P21
  • Added new Administrative menu options for Test SMTP Settings, Call Log Setup and Manage Announcements. Split User management into its own section.
  • Changed the handling of special characters in the Item Details Popup used in several areas in Web Connect
  • Changed the behavior of Inventory Class 1 in the Item Class Filters settings in the Edit User page

Web Connect P21 Data Explorer

The Data Explorer in Web Connect allows you the ultimate in flexibility and complete control over creating custom views of your P21 data or any other data source you may have. For each data connector you create, you can immediately visualize the results in data grids (that behave much like Excel complete with column filters, exports and expand/collapse groups and rows and other features), a variety of charts and on Google Maps. You can control which of your users or user groups can access the data using the Data Explorer Admin tools. See below for a sampling of grids, charts and Google Maps possible with the Web Connect P21 Data Explorer.

Data Grids


Google Maps


Custom Charts



Web Connect Latest Features

June 2016 Release


  • Enhanced the Opportunity Details screen to show the Type, Status Stage and Step description when a user selects an option from the associated dropdown lists.
  • Created a new “Opportunity Forecast” screen that charts opportunities based on either the Anticipated Close Date or Next Step Date.
  • Created a new “Opportunity Pipeline” screen that places each opportunity into groups based on the Stage Sequence.  Opportunities can easily be moved to new stages from this screen.
  • Enhanced the Opportunity Listing to display the next task due date, who the next task is assigned to and what type of task is next.
  • Added a version of the Opportunity Forecast chart to the CRM Overview screen.
  • Added an optional configuration setting that will treat older opportunities as “Dormant”.


  • Added the ability to drag and drop Opportunities, Sales Calls and Tasks on the calendar.
  • Made it possible to start a new Opportunity, Task or Sales Call from the calendar.
  • Added a variety of filters to the calendar.

Added Last Hard-Touch Date to:

  • Customer Listing/Lookup
  • Contact Listing/Lookup
  • Customer Details Screen
  • Contact Details Screen

Mobile Views:

  • Added “Create New Task” in Mobile Views
  • Added “Create New Sales Call” in Mobile Views

Sales Analysis View:

  • Added line and column totals
  • Added Ship To as a “View By” option
  • Added Ship To as a “Filter” option
  • Added Product Group Range as a “Filter” option
  • Added Month Range as a “Time Frame” option

Sales Call Log:

  • Made both Scheduled and Completed Date visible on the Call Log grid.
  • Added the ability to filter the Call Log by Product Group

Item Inquiry:

  • Added code to remember the last Stock/Nonstock selection of the user
  • Added code to remember the last Company selection of the user
  • Added a per-user permission for Customers to be able to access the Item Inquiry Screen
  • Added Item ID as a distinct search box.  This makes it possible to either search for an item specifically, use the wildcard search or combine the searches.

Remote Order Form:

  • Added a field for the Quantity Available for each line-item.  This information will update each time the form is loaded so that users can get real-time inventory availability when working with orders over a period of time. This is a per-user setting.

Improved “Time Pickers”:

  • Reworked the date/time selectors for screens such as New Task, Task Details, Sales Call, etc. so that the time selector would be more phone-friendly.

Sales Rep Contact Visibility Options:

  • Added a per-user setting for sales reps that will either restrict the contact search to contacts related to the rep by ship-to or allow the rep to search all contacts in P21.

Customer Item Inquiry:

  • Added the ability to enable then Inventory Search/Item Inquiry system for customer logins.

Remote Order Item Search:

  • Added Extended Description to the results and search when looking for an item in the various remote order screens.

Invoice History:

  • Added Down Payment Applied as a column to the Invoice History screen.


  • Added Australian date format compatibility
  • Added deployment update options for self-update and auto-update

Zip Radius Mapping and other Web Connect Features

Over the past several months we have released a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • Ship-To Listing
  • Contract Order Forms
  • Extended Order Details
  • Quick Quotes
  • Enhanced Customer Details
  • New visual indicators such as backorders, specials and directs for Order Listings
  • New User Permissions relating to cost methods and inventory
  • New Remote Order Form Bulk-Add options
  • New Remote Order item conversions to automatically roll up quantities based on UOMs such as case and square feet
  • Added Mandatory Notes options to Order Details and Remote Order Form
  • Added the ability to import Quick-Order Items to a Quick-Order form from a file
  • Added ability to mass-assign (move) items to different locations (shelves, bins, floor areas, etc.) on Quick-Order Forms
  • Extended per-user permissions and features for customer and prospect classes
  • Added cost/profit source options on Remote Order Form
  • Added more control for customer and transaction data for sales reps.

We have also released a new Ship-To postal code mapping feature that include many filter options for Ship-To search results including Ship-To Class and Customer Class filters. Ship-To search results can also be displayed on a map with one click/touch of a button.  You also have options to show map points for Customers, Prospects or both. From there you can see map point details and use links for Ship-To details and navigational maps. We are actively working to extended this mapping feature to display other more analytical data such as Cost-to-Serve views.


Customer Portal


• Activity/Metrics Dashboard • Quote Lookup/History • Order Lookup/History • Invoice Lookup/History
• Quick Orders • Remote Order • Item Lookup • Order Detail
• Invoice Detail • Aging • Item Detail • Shipments/Proof of Delivery
• Purchase History • Unlimited Customer User Accounts • Customer Admin can set up other customer user accounts






Enhanced Item Details Screen

The latest release of Web Connect includes a new, more powerful version of the Item Details screen under the Inventory menu option.  The ultimate goal of the Web Connect Item Details screen is to provide the kinds of information that P21 users expect to find in Item Master Inquiry.  This version goes a long way towards that goal with individual tabs for:

  • Inventory (Qty Available)
  • Column Pricing
  • Cost
  • Open PO
  • Sales History
  • Bin
  • Open Orders



New Item Sales History View

The Item Sales History system in Web Connect has been completely re-written.  The new view borrows heavily from the P21 Item Summary and is available in several places throughout the application including:

  • Under the Invoices Menu - Item Sales History (the most powerful version)
  • In the Customer Details Screen
  • In the Remote Order Form - used to quickly add items to the Remote Order
  • In the Quick-Order Form - used to quickly add items to a Quick-Order form

The Item Sales History report includes a number of Filters and returns a listing of inventory items that a customer has purchased over a period of time.  The items are listed in descending order based on the Total Sales of the items.  The user has the option to sort by Item ID, Item Description, UOM, Product Group, etc. as well...

Once the data is returned the user can then "drill-down" to the Invoice level which shows a listing of all invoices that the inventory item was on for a customer.  From there the user can view the invoice details for any invoice in the listing.

This version of the Item Sales History report is a great way to get a handle on what a customer buys from you.

New Sales Analysis View

The latest version of the Web Connect system includes an updated version of the Sales Analysis tool.

The Sales Analysis view is designed to allow the user to extract sales data in a variety of ways in order to see patterns and changes in sales.  The view provides a variety of filters and "View By" options.


Filters currently include:

  • Customer
  • Sales Rep (if not logged in as a sales rep)
  • Product Group
  • Supplier
  • Customer Class 1-5

View By:

The View By options allow the user to choose what information they are analyzing against.  For instance the user may wish to see changes in sales by Product Group or Customer.  Current View By options include:

  • Sales Rep (if not logged in as a sales rep)
  • Customer
  • Product Group
  • Supplier
  • Company
  • Location

Time Frame:

The Sales Analysis View allows the user to choose the "Time Frame" that they want to view sales data for.  Current options include:

  • 3 Months - Shows the last three months of sales in monthly buckets
  • 6 Months - Shows the last six months of sales in monthly buckets
  • 12 Months - Shows the last twelve months of sales in monthly buckets
  • 24 Month Comparison - Returns a comparison of the last 12 months vs the prior 12 months of sales and shows the difference in total dollars and percent change in sales
  • Year over Year - Shows the current calendar year compared to the prior calendar year and then projects current year sales.  This view also compares the projected current year sales to the prior calendar year sales.



Web Connect Resource Manager: Reports, Documents and Links

If you're like most P21 shops you likely have a number of different methods for creating reports and even more ways you distribute those reports. No matter how many reports you build there are always new requests for different views of the same data. New in Web Connect is the ability to have a central launch point for all of your custom reports. Whether you use Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, ASP.Net web pages, PHP or most any other reporting method or tool, they can now all be made available within the Web Connect Resource Manager.
Web Connect Resource

Simply use the Report Manager to add a new report link and even categorize reports by meaningful group names and when users log in they will be able to immediately run the latest version of the report.
Web Connect Resource

Two other features also available in the new Web Connect Resource Manager are Documents and Links. If you have brochures, line cards, catalogs, credit applications or any other documents that you would like to make available in a central location, use the Documents feature to make them all a click or touch away.
Web Connect Resource

Add useful links that users commonly use but sometimes don't recall.
Web Connect Resource

Exciting Times at Web Connect

Web Connect has experienced significant growth over the past few years and we now have hundreds and hundreds of users doing more with P21 by using Web Connect,

As a result, recently we have:

  • Added even more development resources
  • Added numerous features to an already-rich feature set
  • Moved our offices to a larger location

Stay tuned for more changes as we announce other major product enhancements during the coming months leading up to the P21 Connect conference in Atlanta this September!