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P21 User Group Webinar Recording: Remote Sales Ordering and Sales Rep Mobility

We presented an April webinar to the P21 Worldwide User Group. If you don't already belong to the user group, you should consider joining. It's a great P21 resource with lots of smart folks that can collaborate with you on your P21 questions and issues.

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P21 Remote Sales Ordering and Sales Rep Mobility

Join us for our April webinar!

To attend, visit the P21 User Group site and log in with your user group credentials

Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Organizations are tackling a variety of challenging problems today when it comes to increasing customer sales orders and sales rep mobility.

• Remote Ordering for P21

Every organization wants to increase orders but the cost associated with and any investment in sales support needs to generate a positive ROI. Whether your goal is to acquire new customers or increase order volume from existing customers, making the ordering process easy and efficient for your sales reps and your customers is key. Implementing the right blend of technology and process can give you tremendous leverage on your investment and provide significant returns via increased order volume.

• Mobility

It can be difficult to provide mobile access to your sales force that’s powerful enough for them to do their jobs while not so cumbersome that they can still support their customers. With a wide array of tablet and smartphone devices to support, finding an approach that works for everyone can be challenging. Add to that your customers’ demands for access and your job to find a solution gets even tougher.

Join us for a discussion about the advantages of real-time ordering from a variety of mobile and traditional platforms using Web Connect. See how our clients have increased their order volume by making the ordering process fast and straight-forward for both their sales reps ordering on the behalf of customers or by customers creating and managing their own orders.

We’ll discuss ways Web Connect makes features such as CRM, VMI and remote ordering a snap on any mobile device.

Web Connect is designed specifically for the P21 system from the ground up to provide:

• Direct, real-time integration with your P21 data running in your environment
• CRM, Sales Process, Remote Ordering, VMI and much more…
• Access for your customers
• Unlimited user accounts
• Support for tablets, smartphones and laptops
• Customer specific pricing including contract and pricing Libraries

Prophet 21 User Group Webinar

We presented a July webinar to the P21 Worldwide User Group. They are a great organization run by top notch folks who make running a large, successful user group look easy.