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August 29, 2017 @ 2:00pm ET
Web Connect Walk-through Webinar


Topic: A Day in the Life of a Mobile Sales Rep

A good sales person is an exceptional organizer, a super problem solver, a motivated worker and a pretty good juggler. In the hands of such a person, software can be a highly effective tool. It connects a sales person with other team members, customers, and other departments within the business. This can help create an environment of superior customer service and satisfaction, higher sales conversion rates, and ultimately, greater profitability for the entire enterprise. Sales Reps working in P21 shops can benefit from a variety of different Web Connect mobility tools depending on the task and usage scenario they are facing on any given day.

We will provide a tour of Web Connect sales rep features designed to support the typical flow of a sales rep’s day including customer and prospect research and intel gathering, sales call management, task management and calendaring, quote and order processing and opportunity forecasting and sales pipeline management. During the walk-through we will also take a look at the Web Connect Data Explorer which includes the ability to present and analyze your P21 data on Google Maps using a variety of display and search options and we will also demonstrate our new customizable, mobile data grids that look and feel much like Excel and allow the ultimate flexibility to analyze and mine P21 data. We will then close the loop on the sales process, showing how a sales rep’s customers can log in and see their relevant data.