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August 8, 2017 @ 2:00pm ET
Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group Webinar


Topic: FREE P21 Real-Time Data Mobility Solution for Smartphones and Tablets 

With nearly 200 P21 shops having downloaded the FREE P21 mobile application known as Community (a.k.a. the Community version of Web Connect) since the 2015 launch, it has fast become a go-to tool for P21 shops needing a way to quickly and easily make some of the most common P21 data available to their mobile users, for FREE! Current Community users already enjoy the ability to access Customers, Ship-Tos, Contacts, Items/Live Pricing, Orders, Invoices, a Zip Code radius map and more…

If you are new to the Community version, join us to see what all the buzz is about. If you currently use Community, join us to see the latest version (launching as a part of the August 8th P21 User Group Webinar) which includes many improvements and new capabilities such as creating Order Requests, creating Tasks, creating Sales Calls, creating Contacts and more! Also learn how Community can be extended (something we call Community Plus) for other, specific requirements (such as Customer Portals) a P21 shop might have.

Most everyone wants access to their real-time P21 data on smartphones and tablets but it takes time and thoughtful analysis to determine what's best for each P21 shop. Rather than delay taking advantage of accessing your P21 data on mobile devices while you ponder the various options, consider this FREE option that is easy to implement and immediately makes some of the most common P21 data available to your mobile users.