Manage your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers.

Businesses approach CRM in a variety of ways but the goal is the same. Long term success is directly related to an organizations ability to effectively manage, track and evaluate current and future customer interactions and drive sales growth by deepening and enriching relationships with customer bases.

Web Connect extends P21 by enabling users to manage leads, prospects, customers, opportunities and tasks on the go. With Web Connect, your sales staff can capture sales leads while out of the office in a uniform, pre-defined way. The Web Connect Opportunity Reporting feature makes it easy to sort, filter, group and analyze opportunities so that your sales reps, sales managers and sales administrators will always be in sync.

Web Connect expands the capabilities of the P21 Tasks feature by providing users the ability to create and assign tasks remotely from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or other device. Web Connect users can quickly assign tasks to themselves and other P21 users including back-office personnel. With the Web Connect Sales Call Log, sales reps have a fast and easy method for managing sales calls and turning those calls into P21 opportunities.

Web Connect makes inventory, item information and real-time pricing available to mobile users enabling them to respond immediately to customer service requests for pricing and availability. Web Connect also includes a rich set of data views, dashboards and tools designed to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your sales staff. Sales reps can quickly view summary and detailed information regarding customers, quotes, orders, invoices and much more.