Where is Web Connect installed?

Web Connect can be installed either on premise in your environment or at a hosted/cloud location of your choosing.

How do updates occur?

Web Connect utilizes an auto-update technology similar to Microsoft updates so that new builds are automatically applied. A machine restart is never required and no permanent connections into your environment are required.

Is a copy of my P21 data synchronized/uploaded to a location outside of my P21 server?

No. Your P21 data remains securely at your location.

How long does it take for my P21 data to become visible in Web Connect?

Web Connect reads and updates your P21 data real-time so changes originating in either P21 or in Web Connect are immediately available in either application.

Does Web Connect work on smartphones, tablets and laptops?

Yes. Web Connect will run on any device and will automatically render itself appropriately for the device it is about to display on.

Is there a native iOS or Android version that would allow off-line storage of data?

Yes. Our native iOS and Android apps have an off-line|sync later capability to address scenarios of limited or no Internet access.

Does Web Connect integrate with Microsoft Exchange|Outlook?

Yes. There are several integration and sharing interfaces including calendars, email archiving and contacts.

How are customizations handled?

Web Connect has many customization and configuration options, most of which are included in a subscription. Customizations and integrations can involve P21 or other non-P21 data sources.

Does Web Connect work with other ERP systems?

Web Connect has been designed and developed from the ground up for P21. That deep focus has resulted in a comprehensive suite of features and extensions that consistently follow P21 constructs.

How does Web Connect licensing work?

A monthly or annual Web Connect subscription is based on selected modules and user counts.

Is it possible to have a trial of Web Connect to evaluate it with my P21 data?

Yes. Web Connect can be fully installed in whatever environment you specify in less than 1 hour and can be pointed at your P21 Play|Test database so you can evaluate all features using your meaningful P21 data.