FREE Community version of Web Connect for P21

The FREE Community version of Web Connect for P21 has just launched! This has been a major effort taking place in 2015 leading up to the Connect 2015 P21 User Group Conference.

What is the Community version for P21?
Well, first of all it’s FREE! Over the years, a common set of features have emerged that P21 shops tend to find useful. Call them common or convenience features but they typically represent features that shops often describe in terms of, “If I only had these 3 or 4 features, then I could be a bit more productive, enable my folks to see certain minimal data…”

The initial Community launch contains the below feature set with more to follow. Stay tuned!

• Customer Lookup • Customer Detail • Customer Notes • Customer Aging
• Customer Stats • Ship To Lookup • Contact Lookup • Contact Detail
• Item Lookup • Item Summary • Item Detail • Pricing Lookup
• Order Listing • Order Detail • Order Projections • Zip Code Radius Map