Prophet 21® Mobile Task and Opportunity Integration

The CRM features in Prophet 21® are becoming more and more popular with the P21 user base. One of the most requested features of WebConnect has been to be able to enter and edit these P21 tasks and opportunities while out of the office.

The latest release of WebConnect provides the ability to do just that.

From the main dashboard of both administrative users and sales reps there are two new controls:

The Opportunity Summary:

The Task Listing:

These two controls allow a user to quickly see an overview of current Opportunities and Tasks from the Prophet 21® system.

By clicking on the “More Opportunities” button on the Opportunity Summary control, we are taken to the “Mater Opportunities” listing. If logged in as a Sales Rep, you will see just opportunities associated with you. As an administrative user, you see all opportunities…

To create a new opportunity, the user would simply click on the “Create New Opportunity” link at the top of the page. This takes the user to a new screen that allows them to enter the information for the new opportunity:

Once the basic information for the opportunity has been entered, the user is taken to the “Edit Opportunity” screen where they can assign contacts, products, tasks, etc…