Recent Updates for CRM|BI, Ordering|Quoting|VMI and the Customer Portal

Over the past several months or so, we have added many updates and enhancements to all of our main Web Connect modules.

CRM|Mobile Sales

  • For Sales Calls, documents can now be attached, mileage can be tracked and call followups can bet set. You can also link sales calls to product groups and suppliers and can set recurring sales calls.
  • Enhanced pipeline and forecast views and filters for Sales Opportunity Management
  • In the Sales Analysis tool, you can now export, save filters and views as stored reports and share reports. Report scheduling and emailing is coming soon.
  • Associate products, suppliers and competitors to Leads, Prospects and Customers)
  • Leads lists can now be imported into Web Connect Leads where users can assign and work leads and with one-click, turn them into P21 Prospects.
  • You can now track your Mail Chimp (and other) email Marketing Campaigns down to the P21 Contact level seeing what emails they opened, email links they clicked and attachments they opened for given marketing emails.
  • View Exchange and Office 365 email correspondence for P21 Contacts in a convenient, searchable format.

Create Bar Code and free-form labels for shelves, racks, bins, bags and more.

Item Inquiry
Add item images and provide links to your B2B site from the item listing.
Expanded detail information and search options.

Customer Portal
Coming soon: Configurable re-order email notifications to customers and re-order submission forms that allow customers to easily send re-orders directly into P21.