Understanding Web Connect Requisition-Only Forms

The Web Connect “Quick-Order” system now includes a new method for customer inventory management called “Requisition Only” forms.  This post will explain how these can be a big asset to both your business and your customers’ organizations.

The Web Connect system for Prophet 21 offers a couple of ways to create P21 sales orders. While the “Remote Order Form” is designed for use by your internal staff, the Quick-Order system is designed to be used by internal staff and your customers.

The Quick-Order system provides you with a way to create re-usable order forms for Prophet 21 that will work on laptops, tablets and smart phones. Some of the features of the Quick-Order system include:

  • The ability to create an unlimited number of re-usable forms for each customer and ship-to.
  • Each form can be given a meaningful name for easy reference.
  • Forms can be saved with a PO Number and Contract Number.
  • Items can be inserted, re-ordered and edited at any time.
  • Items can be placed on “virtual shelves” within the form.
  • The ability to view pricing and quantity available can be set at a per-user level.
  • When Quick-Orders are placed notification emails can be sent to an unlimited subscriber listing.
  • Each notification email subscriber can be set to see or not see pricing independently.
  • The ability to create re-usable “template” forms so that live order forms can be rapidly created.

While these features alone can make tasks such as providing VMI solutions to your customers a breeze, the new “Requisition-Only” forms take the process one step further.

Typically, the standard Quick-Order form is used in one of two ways:

  • Someone from your organization physically visits the client site and creates new remote sales orders using one or more Quick Order forms.
  • Someone employed by your customer uses the forms to create remote sales orders.

The main difference between a Quick-Order form and a Requisition Only form is that Requisition forms do NOT create live sales orders.  The Requisition Only forms are designed to be used by your customers’ employees to requisition items from their internal purchasing staff.

Like Quick-Order forms, Requisition Only forms can be set up to email a list of subscribers when the form is used.

Consider the following scenario:

Your customer has employees at a job site working on a project.  As the job progresses they realize that they need several items delivered for the days work.  With the Web Connect Requisition form the employees can simply select a form, enter the quantities that they need and send the requisition.  Your customer’s purchasing department is notified by email of the request and can either deliver from in-house stock, or place an order with you for delivery to the job site or warehouse.

Another example would be a customer with a plant that has several production lines.  Your customer’s employees could easily use the Requisition forms to get the supplies and materials they need.  Each individual line can have one or more Requisition forms created specifically for the items they need.

This can greatly reduce phone calls and manual emails that are needed. This also sends the information in a consistent format that makes it much easier to reference and work with.

The power of the system is that it positions your organization as a vital part of your customers’ business processes. This is something that your competitors probably cannot provide!