Communications and Timeline Best Practices

Once of the most recent Web Connect additions is the Comments feature. Think of it as social media for P21. With Comments, we can enable one or more users to add comments to any entity in P21 (e.g. Tasks, Opportunities, Customers…) and the Comments instantly appear for all subscribers to see. It’s a great way to centralize all communication information regarding various aspects of the business instead of relying on email and other stale correspondence that soon gets disconnected, lost or buried with no traceability back to the original data or event.

The Timeline feature (a.k.a. Business Timeline Analysis) in Web Connect is a powerful analysis and tracking tool designed to track and report every activity that takes place within P21 as a continuous thread from the time you add an initial prospect, through the time they become a customer with their first order and through all subsequent orders, activities and communications over time for the life of the data. Think of it as clear and efficient way to see what has transpired over time at a single click and glance.

Check out both of these new features and let us know if you have any questions. I’m sure you’ll find them a great addition to the Web Connect toolkit.