Opportunity Forecast

In Web Connect, you can now see your opportunities (created in either Web Connect or P21–both stored in P21) in a Forecast view. A Sales Forecast is the estimation of the value of the Sales Pipeline: the expected revenue from all the deals (Opportunities) in the pipeline over a period of […]

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Opportunity Pipeline

A sales pipeline describes an approach to selling, typically based on an underlying sales process. It describes the individual steps salespeople take from initial contact with a potential customer, or prospect, to qualifying that prospect into a lead, and further validating that lead into a sales opportunity followed through the […]

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Communicating with Web Connect Comments

The Web Connect “Comments” system offers a powerful feature for enhancing communication within your organization. This post will cover how the comments system works. Typical P21 Communication Scenario: When i worked at a P21 shop there was a constant struggle to effectively and efficiently share information regarding things like Orders […]

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Exciting Times at Web Connect

Web Connect has experienced significant growth over the past few years and we now have hundreds and hundreds of users doing more with P21 by using Web Connect, As a result, recently we have: Added even more development resources Added numerous features to an already-rich feature set Moved our offices […]

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Communications and Timeline Best Practices

Once of the most recent Web Connect additions is the Comments feature. Think of it as social media for P21. With Comments, we can enable one or more users to add comments to any entity in P21 (e.g. Tasks, Opportunities, Customers…) and the Comments instantly appear for all subscribers to […]

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