New Item Sales History View

The Item Sales History system in Web Connect has been completely re-written.  The new view borrows heavily from the P21 Item Summary and is available in several places throughout the application including:

  • Under the Invoices Menu – Item Sales History (the most powerful version)
  • In the Customer Details Screen
  • In the Remote Order Form – used to quickly add items to the Remote Order
  • In the Quick-Order Form – used to quickly add items to a Quick-Order form

The Item Sales History report includes a number of Filters and returns a listing of inventory items that a customer has purchased over a period of time.  The items are listed in descending order based on the Total Sales of the items.  The user has the option to sort by Item ID, Item Description, UOM, Product Group, etc. as well…

Once the data is returned the user can then “drill-down” to the Invoice level which shows a listing of all invoices that the inventory item was on for a customer.  From there the user can view the invoice details for any invoice in the listing.

This version of the Item Sales History report is a great way to get a handle on what a customer buys from you.