P21 World Wide User Group Webinar…continued…

Wow! Our webinar broke a registration record according to P21 WW UG folks. Based on the volume of guestions we ran out of time so the user group has scheduled us again on November 19th at 2:00 Eastern so if you missed the first one and/or have questions, please join us. For information or to register visit www.P21ww.org

Topic: “Real-time P21 Data on Phones and Tablets.  FREE Web Connect Community Edition.”

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to be able to access their real-time P21 dataon phones and tablets but what is the best strategy?  There is no shortage of approaches including P21 tools, third party products and internally developed solutions.

It can take time and thoughtful analysis to determine what’s best for your organization.  Rather than delay taking advantage of accessing your P21 data on mobile devices while you ponder the various options, consider a FREE option that is easy to implement and immediately makes some of the most common P21 data available to your mobile users.

Fueled by user ideas, the Web Connect Community version for P21 is a free mobile-optimized application designed specifically for the P21 ERP system.Join us in this webinar to learn about the latest features and how to install the free Community version of Web Connect.