Sales Dashboard for Prophet 21® Opportunities

Web Connect now includes a new dashboard for Sales Reps and Administrators designed to enhance the ability to manage Prophet 21® Opportunities.

Web Connect for Prophet 21® provides built in tools for viewing, creating and editing Opportunities and Tasks. These tools include main dashboard components that show total opportunities and open tasks as well as drill-down screens that list all opportunities and tasks.

In addition to this, the opportunity and task detail screens allow sales reps and administrators full control over the process of creating and editing Prophet 21® tasks and opportunities.

New in the latest release of Web Connect is a fully configurable dashboard system dedicated to the Prophet 21® Opportunity system.

This new dashboard is available for Sales Reps and Administrators and comes with a fully configurable chart that can be set in a number of ways. The chart can be added to the Opportunity dashboard multiple times allowing users to view their opportunities by Sales Rep, Customer, Step, Status, Stage and Type.

The fully configurable dashboard greatly enhances the ability to manage P21 Tasks and Opportunities.