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Opportunity Forecast

In Web Connect, you can now see your opportunities (created in either Web Connect or P21--both stored in P21) in a Forecast view. A Sales Forecast is the estimation of the value of the Sales Pipeline: the expected revenue from all the deals (Opportunities) in the pipeline over a period of time. The forecast time frame is usually a month or a quarter. Several metrics can be used for sales forecasts but the most common calculations are total pipeline value and weighted pipeline value. Total pipeline value: the sum of all opportunities for a given time period (e.g. quarter). Weighted pipeline value: multiply the value of each Opportunity by its Success Probability % and add them up for a given time period (e.g. quarter).


Opportunity Pipeline

A sales pipeline describes an approach to selling, typically based on an underlying sales process. It describes the individual steps salespeople take from initial contact with a potential customer, or prospect, to qualifying that prospect into a lead, and further validating that lead into a sales opportunity followed through the different stages until closed. All sales opportunities arranged along each of the sales steps that make up your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents. The Web Connect Opportunity Pipeline management tool lets you view and filter your pipeline and also touch/click and drag opportunity "cards" from one Stage to another and instantly see the impact on the overall value of the pipeline.


Communicating with Web Connect Comments

The Web Connect "Comments" system offers a powerful feature for enhancing communication within your organization. This post will cover how the comments system works.

Typical P21 Communication Scenario:

When i worked at a P21 shop there was a constant struggle to effectively and efficiently share information regarding things like Orders and Quotes.  For example, an order would be written for a customer where items may require special attention from purchasing, delivery and sales.  While it was easy enough to add an order note, I almost always found myself also sending an email to the various parties as well.

The email generally involved copying the order number, typing the customer name and other contact information and then explaining what the special requirements were.  By sending the email i could be sure that the parties were notified without having to look at the actual order.

In many cases i would receive replies to these emails with questions, logistic problems or other information that was required to make decisions about the order.  Sometimes the responding email would be marked "reply all" - sometimes not.  Either way there was now a new disconnected set of documentation that should be related to the order.  How would we reference this information next week? Next month? Next year?

Comments - Social ERP:

Web Connect addresses this problem with the "Comments" feature.  Comments work in a way that is familiar to people who use other social media systems like Facebook.  The difference is that in most cases the comments in Web Connect are attached to an item in the P21 system.

We can use a Web Connect Order Profit Alert scenario to demonstrate.  In Web Connect i have set up Alerts to notify me when an order is written under 10% profit.  I have received the Alert email and can view the item directly from within Web Connect:











From here i view the order details:


After reviewing the items on the order I decide to try to get to the bottom of the pricing/costing issue. To do this I will need to communicate with the Sales Rep, the Order Taker and Purchasing.

However, instead of sending an email through my email client (Outlook) i use the Web Connect Comments System.

The first step is to add "Subscribers" to the comment. This is done by clicking on the "Subscribers" button on the "Actions" toolbar:




Clicking on the button brings up a list of available subscribers from the Web Connect system:










Subscribers to the order will receive email notification each time a new comment is added to the order.  This effectively creates an attached email thread for the order.

Now that I have added subscribers, i will add a comment. This is done by clicking on the blue "Comment" icon in the Actions toolbar:




Clicking on this button will bring up a new "Comments Box" where i can add my questionComments-Blog-Comment:











On clicking "Ok", the comment is added to the comment listing on user dashboards in Web Connect and an email is generated to all subscribers that i added to the subscribers listing.  The email contains all comments from the thread and a link back to the Order Details screen in Web Connect.

Users do not reply to the comment email.  Instead they post replies to the comment from within the Web Connect system which handles generating emails to the subscriber listing.

Now when the order is viewed in Web Connect there is a trail of communication about the order



Exciting Times at Web Connect

Web Connect has experienced significant growth over the past few years and we now have hundreds and hundreds of users doing more with P21 by using Web Connect,

As a result, recently we have:

  • Added even more development resources
  • Added numerous features to an already-rich feature set
  • Moved our offices to a larger location

Stay tuned for more changes as we announce other major product enhancements during the coming months leading up to the P21 Connect conference in Atlanta this September!

Communications and Timeline Best Practices

Once of the most recent Web Connect additions is the Comments feature. Think of it as social media for P21. With Comments, we can enable one or more users to add comments to any entity in P21 (e.g. Tasks, Opportunities, Customers...) and the Comments instantly appear for all subscribers to see. It's a great way to centralize all communication information regarding various aspects of the business instead of relying on email and other stale correspondence that soon gets disconnected, lost or buried with no traceability back to the original data or event.

The Timeline feature (a.k.a. Business Timeline Analysis) in Web Connect is a powerful analysis and tracking tool designed to track and report every activity that takes place within P21 as a continuous thread from the time you add an initial prospect, through the time they become a customer with their first order and through all subsequent orders, activities and communications over time for the life of the data. Think of it as clear and efficient way to see what has transpired over time at a single click and glance.

Check out both of these new features and let us know if you have any questions. I'm sure you'll find them a great addition to the Web Connect toolkit.

Latest Web Connect Release

The most recent Web Connect release includes:

  • Expanded mobile device views
  • Communications
  • Timelines
  • Enhanced dashboards
  • New customer features


Web Connect will be a Gold Sponsor at the P21 Connect Conference

Web Connect is proud to be a P21 Connect Conference Gold Sponsor. Visit us at our booth and and catch our session entitled "Do more with P21 and Web Connect.".

Web Connect will present a P21 User Group Webinar

Web Connect is excited to announce it will be presenting a webinar to the Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group on July 30th.

We'll be discussing the Prophet 21 Call Log, Opportunities and other Prophet 21 topics as well as showing how Web Connect makes these great Prophet 21 features even better.